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Our bureau is headed by Directors and Head Departments, who, next to performing their managerial tasks, are each in charge of a particular department. They are assisted by consultants each of which is responsible for one or more projects. In special cases a director himself may act as the consultant for a project.

The consultants, while maintaining to wards the client the ultimate responsibility of the project, is assisted by an experienced senior technician who is responsible for the day-to-day coordination and progress of the various works within the project, as well as for guarding the projects, as ell as for guarding the budget.

The task of the head of the Designing Department consists of coordinating the partial design of the various professional disciplines (mechanical, measurement and control, electrical and transportechnical) of the project, furthermore, he is the source of information in case technical problems should arise.

The Project and Financial Administration Department has the task to work out the detailed specifications and budgets for each partial design of the project, as well as to guard the financial development of the works during the designing and constructing stages.

During the stage of realizing the project our construction department through its technical inspectors supervises the constructor’s work of building, constructing and assembling the installations, as curtaining that this is qualitatively and quantitatively done in line with the specifications and within the scheduled time and budget.