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METAKOM INTI PERKASA is an independent organization of consultants in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, founded in May 2009 and became a limited liability corporation since May 2009. Metakom Inti Perkasa is subsidiary company under the Holding Company of Metakom Pranata Group (Founded in 1990).

Along with Indonesia’s fast economic growth supported by construction sector, we adapt to fulfill the sector needs and becoming one of the biggest Mechanical and Electrical Design Consultant under Mr Tjandra Budiman as CEO of Metakom Pranata Group.

Our design philosophy are to accentuate safety, economic, efficient and renewability design, supported by our professional engineers who strived to achieve best design by updating to new technologies.



To become one of the greatest one-stop MEP design consultants in Indonesia and to become a prominent company across the globe.



To present our clients the most efficient, flexible, economical, sustainable designs that could expand the whole design scope of M&E.