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Within the sphere of mechanical, physical, electro and transport technical disciplines, MIP activities comprise the making of studies, designs and plans, as well as supervision of the construction of all kinds of installations of following purposes and types of project:

Mechanical Engineering

• High and Low Pressure Steam Generating.
• Hot and Warm Water Plants.
• Central Cooling and Heating Systems.
• Cold Water Systems.
• Chilled Water Systems.
• Climate Control, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems.
• Precision Climate Chambers.
• Compressed Air installations.
• Sanitary Provisions.


• Rainwater Discharge and Sewage Systems.
• Fire Control and Fire Fighting Systems.
• Dust Control Systems.
• Swimming Pools Installations.
• Hospital Installations.
• Laboratory Installations.
• Kitchen and Laundry Installations.
• Refrigerating and Freezing Installations.
• Industrial Installations.


Electrical Engineering

• Lighting Systems.
• High & Low Voltage Power Supply and Distribution Systems.
• Lighting Arresters.
• Signaling Systems.
• Emergency Power Supply and Distribution Systems.
• Communications Systems.
• Fire Alarm Systems.

• Sound Systems.
• Security Systems.
• Building Automation System.
• Building Management System.

Transport Technical Engineering


• Conveyor systems.
• Dumb waiter.

 Green Building Concept

M & E design will be made and designed to follow the Green Building standard requirements, to move Indonesian construction industry towards move environment-friendly buildings to save energy and water consumptions, promote healthier indoor environments and also reduce effect of Global Warming.

Further Assistance

In addition to designing and supervising the construction of the above mentioned types of installations, we make feasibility studies, rent ability and efficiency calculations, assessments, tests and reports about existing installations.
Furthermore, we offer assistance in operating the installations, as well as in their revision and maintenance.

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