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Task as Consulting Engineers in a Building Team

The first part of the task we perform after having formed a building team is to assist the client defining his requirements regarding the installation systems most suited to his particular needs and budget.

To this purpose we make a technical and economical study of the relevant alternatives and aid the client in evaluating those alternatives, thereby determining – in close cooperation with the other members of the team – the ensuing consequences for the architectural and structural aspects of the building.

After the most appropriate installation system have been determined, the second phase of our task, i.e. the detailed designing of the chooses types of installation is taken in hand.


Besides the technical activities of planning, designing and calculating the building and its installations, we bring in expert and up-to-date knowledge of the costs of both labour and materials in order to render the design into a complete detailed specification and cost estimate of each part of the project.

Subsequently, by inviting and evaluating competitive tenders from the contractors, the final costs are checked so as to make sure that a building contract is made which satisfies both the client and the contractor chosen.

In the next phase, that of realizing the project, our engineers supervise the construction of the building and installation systems, guarding the quality of the work, its progress according to the time schedule, and the budget.

Upon completion of the construction work, all installations are thoroughly checked and tested for their proper functioning in every detail, and it is ascertained that the contractor has fulfilled all his obligations before the installations are handed over to the client.